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Le'liece Lassiter is a 23 year old fine artist who focuses mainly on painting and drawing, She currently resides in upstate New York, where she has grown up all of her life. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in May of 2021. Being a quiet kid, Le'liece has always looked to forms of art in order to express her emotions and connect with others. "I was never great at expressing myself or being in tune with my emotions. Art helped me articulate when my words couldn't." Through this hobby, she discovered that her love for creating was infinite. In her junior year of high school, Le'liece decided that she would take the risk and follow her dream of being a fine artist. Although she has a great love for surrealism, she is an artist who explores multiple art styles. "I never want to limit myself to one style because there is so much out there to explore. I would never want to stifle my creativity." 

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